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Five Guys and Shake Shack are in a different price class from InO and 5Gs. Went to my first SS this summer and liked it. Reminded me a little of a Steak and Shake burger. Shake was a lot like an InO shake. However a proper strawberry shake has to be made from strawberry ice cream, strawberries and strawberry syrup, at the very least two of those three have to be in there, so I'm out on SS shakes as well as InO.

I don't like mustard on my burgers, and while Whataburgers are good (certainly the best fast food burger when we lived in TX for 12 years), I got tired of asking them to leave the effin' mustard off. In-n-Out just seems to have fresher ingredients all around.

Here in eastern NC the best fast food burger is El's Drive-In in Morehead City (also have to leave the mustard off) and best chain is Cook-Out.