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Originally Posted by Goose77 View Post
Iíve been following this thread from itís inception. I donít understand why people are defending TD. I have liked working with them through time, and want to continue to like them. But this is nuts. Bad service is not a good idea. Whatever they changed,itís been radical it seems. Former business owner here,so I do have some knowledge of how this can happen. Just really seems stupid and irresponsible.
The same reason I still go to Walmart after I say I'm not going back, assuming things get back on track I'm not stubborn enough to go out of my way to order from 3 different places just to "stick it to the man". As of right now and the foreseeable future I wont be ordering from them, but assuming things get back in line I'm sure I will again one day just for convenience even though my last 3 orders were a total shit show