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Default Short strikes on larger ballyhoo (first day rigging, went 10/11 on short strikes lol)

What are my options on short strikes on larger ballyhoo? I went 10/11 on short strikes today lol, although it was exciting rigging my own ballyhoo finally that were actually getting hit, I need a little direction apparently.

Most of my short strikes were super teethy so I dont think keeping an eye on the lines would have even helped for drop back (I'm alone or with 1 other person usually, so I keep an eye on what I can), with dolphin I think I would see or at least they would give me a quick 2 second run even unhooked so I could drop back

I've tried running my dag at basically none so even the sharpest cuttoff I would hope to hear a quick sounder noise to get over and drop back (kind of worked, but I am losing fish still)

My hooks were too small today I think, 7/0 in pretty big ballyhoo but the cutoffs would have still been too far back 50% of them to even hit a 8/0

I am thinking about bringing open eye 5/0 or 6/0 hooks and threading on the second hook opposite way so the second hook end goes inside the belly (easier and tons of weeds), but they swim soooo nice with single hooks.

I was running 7691 hooks, I dont understand how some people get away with the 7766 hooks that have an even shorter shank

Hopefully someone read some of that at least, thanks