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Originally Posted by IMPLiberty View Post

Probably has more to do with the fact that a lot of the humble bragging is completely pointless to the actual question/conversation. Personally I'll notice it and maybe even call it out. It's more of a lighthearted jab verse an actual call out. Not jealous, I applaud anyone who works hard and has nice things to show for it!
Yup, correct answer. I, too, applaud everyone who works hard and has toys and other things. Not a thing wrong with that. It's definitely obvious I run with a far different crowd than many here. I'll sometimes make a comment about it...not jealousy, just a light-hearted jab as you say.

I just think the details that are sometimes added that aren't pertinent are funny:

"This weekend we were on our way to the shore house in our F-eleven thousand platinum and I got a call on my iPhone XR400 from my boat mechanic saying engine #2 had a scratch on the cowling. Anyone know the paint color for a Yamaha 350? I'll pop open my MacBook pro and order it and get it sent to our place on the Gulf and have him take care of it"


"Anyone know what paint color Yamaha uses on its cowlings?"

See the's just funny. And now that it's a thing I notice it every time and chuckle.

Sometimes I'll even forward it to my lawyer... Figure he could use a break from all the paperwork of the sales of my many businesses, but for the nearly 250k I'm about to pay him he shouldn't be taking any breaks!