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Originally Posted by PremierPOWER View Post
My 34' cruiser weighs about 17,000lbs loaded and I single handedly load/ retrieve it every single time. My wife entertains the dogs, since they just get in the way if we are both doing it. I can launch/ retrieve this big beast faster than 99% of the typical launch ramp crowds launching a 20' boat.

Having a good trailer is certainly part of it, but experience and practicing is key. On a boat your size, an electric wireless winch would be ideal. Get it on the trailer enough to get it hooked up, then power up while using the winch remote to winch it up. I also HIGHLY suggest a bow ladder. This makes solo launch/ retrievals a lot easier.

Here is a video, please ignore my 85lb German Shepard. He thought I was going for a boat ride without him. This is why my wife has to normally walk away with the dogs lol.

Holy Moly I can't imagine trailering that monster. When you see these boats out of the water you realize just how big they are. I watched your video anxious to see either launching or retrieving. Maybe I missed something but all I say was backing down a launch ramp with a dog barking.