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Originally Posted by Garett View Post
I converted my trailer from rollers to bunk and that was like me shooting myself in the leg, not the foot but the leg. Easily I eliminated more then half the boat ramps that were otherwise available to me. Oh I can use them but they fight me the whole I try to stick to the ones I know work for me.

Maybe this is your problem, you are just using the wrong ramp for your boat/ trailer setup? And the only way you are really going to know is to try a handful of other ramps while making note of the water levels.
Everybody has different results based on their setup and how experienced they are. But I will say this: the only thing that keeps us from using (any) boat ramp, are the trees that overhang the road on the way in - our boat is 13.5' on the trailer. Our trailer has bunks, and they have never caused us problems landing/launching.

In fact, if I had to launch/land solo -- I think bunks would be preferable. Once the boat is perched on the bunks, it's less likely to roll off, and make you swim after it.

BTW: I love the idea of a ladder. If I were ordering a trailer from the factory, that would be the way I'd go.