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Originally Posted by fishF15 View Post
Exactly. Among other reasons.

I would (and do) happily pay slightly more for tackle from a tackle shop than give Amazon a dime. People were up in arms for years about how evil Wal-Mart was as a big company, putting small shops out of business that have what they never can, which is expertise and actually caring anything about a customer and what they're buying. Amazon makes them look like nuns working at the salvation army on weekend breaks from their day job at St Jude.

TD didn't float your boat? Try another tackle shop. There are some good ones that are sponsors/sell here on ThT. I just urge people not to put the experts out of business so you can buy a $120 reel for $10 less from someone trying to put tackle shops out of business. Sooner or later it might be good to be treated like something other than a barcode.
Just because you're buying through Amazon doesn't mean you're buying from Amazon.
This is Through Amazon but From JoysportingGood.

Now the exact same product From TD.