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Originally Posted by yhsesq View Post
yes i would have wanted to see it but only if it was convenient for him and fun for him to do **without compensation**.
i dont think he should get paid for providing those videos. its a hobby and something he does for fun. its not a job. he doesnt need multithousand dollar equipment and weeks worth of professional editing. he needs a cheapo phone, tripod and a bit of editing software and 30 minutes of his time. sure the video would have looked crappy but guess what -- i wouldve watched anyway.
this is a hobby not a job. i post up my videos all the time and i get criticized a lot but guess what ? i dont owe anyone anything and dont expect to get compensated for them. i do it for **fun** just like a drive a boat around without the expectation of catching fish. whatever happened to just spending time on hobbies with no expectation of earning money ? does everything have to be professional work all the time ? i dont think so. youtube should just demonetize everyone then everyone gets an equal shot at producing popular videos.
worlds changed rapidly my man. If someone can make a side gig or even a full time gig from creating content good for them.