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Originally Posted by yhsesq View Post
yes i would have wanted to see it but only if it was convenient for him and fun for him to do **without compensation**.
i dont think he should get paid for providing those videos. its a hobby and something he does for fun. its not a job. he doesnt need multithousand dollar equipment and weeks worth of professional editing. he needs a cheapo phone, tripod and a bit of editing software and 30 minutes of his time. sure the video would have looked crappy but guess what -- i wouldve watched anyway.
this is a hobby not a job. i post up my videos all the time and i get criticized a lot but guess what ? i dont owe anyone anything and dont expect to get compensated for them. i do it for **fun** just like a drive a boat around without the expectation of catching fish. whatever happened to just spending time on hobbies with no expectation of earning money ? does everything have to be professional work all the time ? i dont think so. youtube should just demonetize everyone then everyone gets an equal shot at producing popular videos.
You just sound angry that you can't make money on YouTube but zipzap could. Noone wants to watch shit that's filmed on an out of focus, handheld, shaky phone camera. The production, editing, and quality of video makes a massive difference.