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Originally Posted by MrWesson View Post
Exactly. No one bats an eye that a documentary makes money on the history channel or people making money from TV. Youtube is a legitimate platform that rivals TV for entertainment. Come up with your own content and get rich.. It's easy... NOT!

I don't think Living off the land has anything to do with this and people accusing them of flagging zipzap or having something to do with it are being irresponsible. I think someone mentioning the models and cost of boats might be onto something though. Living off the land has a very small percentage of views compared to zip zap.

Then again its a bot controlled algorithm and IMO the big youtube stars should consider the fact that youtube doesn't care about them enough to compensate and move.. Take their millions of subscribers with them too.
The only problem with this is that these big progressive, leftist tech companies are litigious AF and they will sue the shit out of anyone who dares to try and compete against them. Whether they have legit claims or not, they’ll still sue upstarts to force them to bleed money. Most people simply don’t have the resources to go head to head against google.