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Originally Posted by PNut67 View Post
When in Texas....whether a resident or just visiting our fair state...BUC-CEES...yes, I just gave them a free cheap plug!!!! 950 gas pumps...no waiting!!!
Now.. about the low rent neighborhoods. I simply do not use them for a reason I have seen no one address in this thread....card skimmers. How come it is card skimmers are always being found @ stores in the low rent 'hoods?...AND JUST WHO EXACTLY IS LETTING THEM BE PLACED THERE????? I think the owners in those shady places are the ones doing it themselves....& I will not go there....BUTTTTTT..... the owners , um lets just say...aint American. For the FIRST time the other night, I heard of a card skimmer being found @ a "high dollar" subdivision...( by that I mean the subdivision has one of those golf courses running through the middle of it)& I was actually surprised.
The way you nip this in the bud is you put cameras up high in the awnings & focus them on each & every pump. THEN....you will see the number of card skimmer offences DROP TO ZERO!
No you won't.
Skimmers have been placed at two of my clients stores in Way South Cameron parish Louisiana. Both stores have the criminals on camera, bags of stolen gift cards, an arrest but the parish sheriff says he doesn't have enough evidence to charge. One client has been taken for $13,000 in diesel, that's all the cubans want.