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It is scary to think that I am old enough to remember pumping gas and then going inside to pay for it! No card readers at the pump and if you did use a credit card it was swiped and you got a carbon copy paper receipt. The world wasn't in a hurry back then.

Having said that I can offer a little insight as to why you probably had to wait. Back in the mid 90's one of my friends owned a convenience store. When his brother got sick I got conned in to working there for a short time to help him out. I did it in the evenings after work as it was only for a few hours a couple of times a week. Even then you could pay at the pump but not everyone uses a debit card, which still holds true today. Because of the decline in society and the amount of theft you are going to either use a card at the pump or prepay. If I didn't know the customer, I didn't turn the pump on. Customer comes in, buys beer, Blunts, and $3.00 in gas to get back to their house. Spends five minutes in the store before finally going out and getting their gallon of gas.

Today, I see it all the time. I travel across two states working and the behavior isn't limited to just the rough areas. It's everywhere! In fact just a couple of weeks ago I was working in Jasper County South Carolina and we stopped to get fuel at a convenience store with a McDonalds attached and watched a woman finish pumping gas and then leave her car at the pump to walk inside with her kids to get food!