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When in Texas....whether a resident or just visiting our fair state...BUC-CEES...yes, I just gave them a free cheap plug!!!! 950 gas pumps...no waiting!!!
Now.. about the low rent neighborhoods. I simply do not use them for a reason I have seen no one address in this thread....card skimmers. How come it is card skimmers are always being found @ stores in the low rent 'hoods?...AND JUST WHO EXACTLY IS LETTING THEM BE PLACED THERE????? I think the owners in those shady places are the ones doing it themselves....& I will not go there....BUTTTTTT..... the owners , um lets just say...aint American. For the FIRST time the other night, I heard of a card skimmer being found @ a "high dollar" subdivision...( by that I mean the subdivision has one of those golf courses running through the middle of it)& I was actually surprised.
The way you nip this in the bud is you put cameras up high in the awnings & focus them on each & every pump. THEN....you will see the number of card skimmer offences DROP TO ZERO!

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