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Originally Posted by JonisMist View Post
Nice! I had a 24x36 pole barn I used as a woodworking shop built at my last house. Are you going to run electrical service, insulate and condition that space?

Keep pics coming!
see next post for pics of model. Mine is this exact plan.

Originally Posted by alligatorgar View Post
You have all your permits?
Had them back in March - was waiting for rain to stop to do excavation and footings

Originally Posted by xlr8ngn View Post
Nice. You really have to do serious foundation work up there.

Has the be below frost and on undisturbed (hardpan) soil. 4 ft basically.

Originally Posted by YFMF View Post
What do you estimate the final costs to be?
70 barn and 15 sitework and fill. 1800. permits.

Originally Posted by Gullpt View Post

doesn’t it make you sick. I’m looking forward to the barn layout, please keep us posted, enclosed by winter no doubt?
Yes. see pics on post below (in a few minutes). It is a Country Carpenter Barn from Hebron. They have a great video tour of this 1 and 1/2 story barn on their web-site. Everyone I talked to says they are the best for post and beam. I thought of doing a stick built version but for a variety of reasons went with these guys. The stick version didn't save much $and it is sorta an old post and beam barn neighborhood :-)