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Originally Posted by Classic25 View Post
I don't know if the boat traffic is affecting the bite in the western basin, but here in the central basin when there's a lot of boat traffic, you can actually watch fish heading for the bottom on the sounder as you pass over them. I'll have to take a picture the next time I'm out in a heavy traffic area.
The solution we've found is to go with the smaller jets and divers and going with 2-6X out on the line. This gets the baits waaaay away from the boat and the undisturbed fish will usually hit. We got 12 in about 45 minutes the other night when the regulars were sticking with their regular program catching zilch.
It's a royal pain that so many people on the lake will just run wherever they want without knowing they are screwing up your fishing. I have no doubt in my mind that the fish drop down or totally scatter when boats go over them. I like to fish the shallow rocky areas and often I fish in 10' or less of water. Seems like it never fails that someone will run right over my drift line and there goes the fishing. Another thing that I see all the time are guys that drive back to the beginning of a drift and run on their own drift line instead of moving off of their drift line when motoring back to the top of their drift.

I always look at the boats in an area and figure out where to run where I won't screw up their drift but I would say the majority of guys don't do it. I was out today and was catching some small walleyes that I was throwing back and when I turned to go back and drift over the same area some yahoo will run right over the shallow water I'm fishing instead of just looping around me. Earlier this week I went out after work and was catching a walleye on almost every cast and as usual boats run right over my drift.