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Originally Posted by JKBrad View Post
You could go with a 255/85/16. About 1/2 taller and 1.2 narrower. The height difference is negligible, but that extra inch off the contact patch and reduced wind resistance may get you an extra 5-10 miles on a full tank.
some folks run those as a snow season tire, but they are unbelievably skinny. Pretty sure BFG mud terrain and Cooper st maxx are the only tires even offered in that size.

Originally Posted by ondarvr1 View Post
Yes its a ratio, I use those tire size calculation sites all the time. My point is that people refer to the 285 portion of the size and think it refers to height.

In this case going to a 265/80 would be almost the exact same height, finding an /80 would be a bit harder because its not a common size.
Sorry I misunderstood your post, people definitely do misunderstand how metric tire sizing works all the time I agree

There is not a 265/80/16 tire on the market.

Originally Posted by Manoverboard123 View Post
Man that truck looks so freakin good. I sure wish mine had the stock rims on it. With the 265's on those rims, it actually looks fine to me. But my rims are aftermarket (came with the truck when I got it) and it would look goofy on 265's.
Thanks I appreciate it. and you can pick up a full set of PYO's on craigslist for 250-350 bucks all day long. definitely love the way they look on the classic body style trucks. I used to consider the idea of doing an aftermarket wheel, just never found one I like enough to swap, and I'm glad I didn't now