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Originally Posted by ondarvr1 View Post
People confuse 285 and 265 with tire height, they can be identical in height, the 265 is just slightly narrower.

The pics provided show a smaller diameter tire compared to a larger one, this you will notice right away. A slightly narrower tire may look very close to being the same.

Right now I run a smaller diameter tire to help with towing. I moved and over the last year have been transferring stuff 300 miles each way over mountain passes. My 1/2 ton gasser needs all the help it can get.

I need to get new tires fairly soon, I may not go back to full sized tires, I donít need to compensate for any short comings in other parts of my life, so I go with what works best, not necessarily what looks best.
it's a ratio, not a fixed height. Here you can see the two sizes he is considering compared