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Been running an RB190 for a little over a year in fresh water, Lake Erie. I don't go out in 3' waves so I can't comment on how this boat might handle them (it does have a 14.2 degree dead rise). It is foam filled and as a consequence,, doesn't feel like an aluminum boat. When I'm in choppy water it booms right through the waves vs aluminum boats I've had bang in the waves and tend to get kicked around, not the RB190. Plus it has a ton of storage all of which is water proof. I had the Yamaha 115 SHO and the boat really moved. Biggest negative is the live well is located under the center console bench seat. Bit of a PIA to get to if you use a live well frequently.
I liked the Sea Ark but there are no dealers in my neck of the woods.
Good Luck