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Originally Posted by SimonAdventum View Post
Ok, so far these are my top 4, I appreciate all the comments. Thanks!
1. Xpress X-Bay 21
2. Excel 203 Bay Pro
3. SeaArk 2072 VFX or Bx 220
4. Ranger RP 190
The Xpress and Excel were on my list before I bought my SeaArk 2072 vfx. I chose it because a common theme in the reviews I read were that they were "built like a tank" and the toughest aluminum boat outside of custom built rigs. Never read any reviews about broken welds with SeaArk. I have had it true 2s and maybe slightly larger around the north jetties in Galveston. Slow was the way to go but never felt unsafe. Doubt any glass bay boats of similar size would've been any different. If you go with SeaArk I recommend asking for a Marine Master aluminum trailer. I have read lots of bad things about the B&M trailers some come with.