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Lightbulb Prop Scan Precision Propeller Repair

General Propeller Prop Scan sets the new standard for precision propeller repair. With the accuracy and complex geometry of today’s high-end propellers combined with the constant improvement of vessel performance, Prop Scan has become necessary to tune and repair your propeller. This advanced computer and measuring system allows us to repair your propeller with precise accuracy (up to ISO Class S tolerance) which will optimize the performance of your marine propeller. Prop scan also allows the technician to store your readings to utilize in future repairs or modifications. Our Team of Prop Scan and Recon Shop Technicians are an experienced group who take pride in their workmanship. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure your propeller is repaired accurately to optimize performance, reduce vibration and increase fuel efficiency. Below is a list of some of the services provided in prop scan

• Bronze and Nibral Inboard Propeller tuning and reconditioning (up to ISO Class S)
• Inboard Propeller pitch changes, cupping, blade camber and profile adjustments
• Welding repairs of cracks and damaged blades.
• IPS Drive and Zeus Drive Propeller tuning and reconditioning

Reach out to us today or post any questions you have.

General Propeller Company - Prop Scan Services