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Originally Posted by DaveinJax View Post
I Just got back From Lucaya Sat and we took a container with some oranges, limes, lemons, peppers, and Cilantro over. Gotta make Ceviche! Took snacks and steaks for the grill as well. Cooked and prepared most of it in the courtyard of the Sunrise resort (Running Mon) or on the boat. I just put it all in a huge tupperware container with all the spices and condiments for sushi as well and leave it in a cooler. Works out well.
Originally Posted by MiamiJay View Post

Iím not passing judgement or calling you out but itís illegal to bring oranges, limes and lemons to the Bahamas. We had to split our bushel of mixed citrus with the agent when clearing.
As Miami Jay stated.
I wouldn't be advertising that.
Kiwi Mike has it correct. "Ships Stores".
For all you others, it's illegal to bring fruit in the US Also.