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You just use the tabs to optimize the ride, use engine trim just like you did before you had tabs.
For practicing , start with the tabs fully retracted motor tucked in slightly and power up. Trim motor out to sweet spot and at optimal rpms verses speed.
Trim the motor up just enough that it wants to start porpoising, give the tabs some bow down in short presses of both the top bottoms at the same time.
bow will lower and porpoising will stop.
You can plant the bow in choppy waters to stop bow bounce and a smoother ride. You can correct a list or lean by deploying one tab or the other.
Lots of practice before you get comfortable with them. The tab switches work backwards from what you’d think. Up button on starboard deploys down tab on port. Down button on both retracts both etc.
You will love them once you get the hang of controls.
In following seas or rollers, keep them tucked up and retracted so not to stuff bow into wave faces.