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Default Another USCG Documentation + New Jersey Registration thread

First post to this forum, long time lurker. Been wanting a sailboat all of my life and finally decided to make it happen. One of the boats I am considering is currently documented with the USCG. I have read all the threads and conflicting information and remain puzzled at the process to get this vessel legally in the water in NJ. I know I have to pay taxes on the sale, I know I have to register it in NJ if it will be based in NJ, I also know NJ won't title it if it is currently documented. The only way to get the NJ state title is for the current owner to file a letter of deletion with the coast guard first.

Anyhow, assuming I keep the vessel documented and proceed to transfer that certificate to me, that would involve filling out and notarizing a Coast Guard Bill Of Sale 1340, as well as the back of the current Certificate of Documentation 1270. What is confusing is the backlog wait times at the Coast Guard. I spoke with someone at the CG this morning, who was a bit rude but that is another topic. Essentially was told they are currently processing paperwork from early March.
  • So does this mean anyone who is waiting on the CG documentation transfer cannot register the vessel with the NJ DMV until that transfer process is done? Sounds arcane.
    • If the answer to that is unfortunately yes, then what do I do with the vessel during that time? Does it have to remain on the hard or could I at least legally keep it in a slip?
    • Also, if NJ wont let me register until the CG transfer occurs, who exactly do I pay taxes to in the interim because I know they will come looking.

Hoping to hear from someone who went through this specifically in NJ. Thanks!
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