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You didn't say which model reels you got so I'm guessing here..... diawa bg 4000 puts out 18lbs of drag, penn battle II 3000 puts out 15lbs of drag, your baitcasters probably put out around 10lbs of drag.

I would go with 20lb braid. You could go with 10lb but you can't put as much heat on fish compared to 20lb. For trout, reds, and bass you probably will never use more than 4-5lbs of drag ever so it's not much of an issue and you will likely never break 10lb.... but if you hook a jack or bull red near structure and need to turn them quick 20 would let you crank the drag up significantly without worrying about breaking him off. Plus you get a little more abrasion resistance.

I use momoi diamond braid braid on almost every reel I own, and as much as I hate powerpro (mainly larger sizes), I've been happy with the 20lb powerpro on my small spinners. They put out 12lbs of drag and I lock the drag as tight as it will go when fishing for bonitas and the 20lb PP doesn't break when using an FG.

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