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Default Which in hull for Garmin

Hi Gil

I am looking to add either a 942xs or 1022xsv (I'm in Oz, hence the slightly different numbers).

In hull is the best transducers for my boat, being a Cat.

my typical fishing is offshore, between 210 and 300 feet. Always bottom fishing.

Reading through your sticky posts I see 2 options

M422C--Wideband....In hull...$406.

Frequency: 50/200 kHz
Beamwidth: 18/5
RMS Power: 1.5 kW

Or The GM15-IH - this will easily fit into my existing box at 4 inches or 100mm internal diameter.

I can't find any specs on the "puck" diameter of the M422c

Any help is appreciated!

(Other risky option is a B75h mounted in the wet box, worried it may overheat)

Cheers Adam

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