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Originally Posted by Kballard81 View Post
Not sure why it will go that high in the slip unless the gauge is wrong but it seems right. I dont let it sit there for more the a few seconds and i slowly creep it up to that rpm. Ive only done it once just to see if it would smoke at idle with higher rpms and to see if injectors were firing. It will however run about 2200rpms at 18-19knts but smokes really bad now. It weighs 41K lbs so that may be top speed for it. Im not sure. Engine starts right up and idles at 500-600 perfectly
What boat are these engines in? If your tachs are actually showing that you are turning 3000 RPM in the slip under no load then I would encourage you to have them checked and calibrated.. These engines canít turn 3000 RPM. They will explode. I never rum mine above 1900. They turn 2300 but to actually spool them up tp 2300 for ANY length of time invites more problems you do not need.