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Originally Posted by keysbearfl View Post

Max RPM on these engines is 2350. How are you getting 3000 in your slip? That is a huge problem and will blow those engines up. Also, 1500 RPM’s producing a speed of 12 knots seems slow to me. I have the same engines in a 43 foot Hatteras. 1500 RPM on my boat will produce speeds of 14-15 knots and at 1800 I am running 18 knots. Curious as to how you are able to turn those engines 650 RPM’s above their max and why you are right struggling at speed with at reasonable RPM’s.
Some pretty good points here. If it was running good before the work was done, I'm guessing it's air flow related. Bad injectors can give you black smoke also, but your turbos should be spooling around the 1500-1600 mark so that's most likely your issue