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You get a better class of Mate when they know they have to be a people person to get paid. They are your direct contact to the customer on the boat, They create the whole mood of the charter. If they know there pocket lining is reflected by there performance they give more. So I guess we could just charge more up front and then have you still dipping in your pocket for your fish being cleaned and all that. The guys i use work hard for there money and the moment the customers don't tip they never rebook with me. But in hindsight I got the sticker covered and thanks for the feed back. If I was on some rich owners tax right off charter boat and getting a salary for myself and the mate there wouldn't be a sticker but neither me or my mates need to do this for a living and that is why I offer low price charters because it is strickly fun and just a way to make the boat pay all it's own bills and sometimes just a little icing on top.