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In the 80's and 90's I worked as a mate on several boats. All the boats I worked on were owner operated. I got between $75 to $100 / day from the Capt./Owner and whatever tip the customer gave me. I don't think I ever got a tip less than 10% and most times it was 20% or more. The Capt./Owners all told me that if I ever got stiffed, they would make it up to 10 % of the trip and they would never book that group again. never happened.

I always busted my butt, as did the captains. fishing wasn't always great, but we always had a great time. One boat that I worked did charters related to the captains full time building business, he had the same guys out year after year. One of them brought along "Herman the German." He owned a Boar's Head route and showed up with half a dozen hams and wheels of cheese. those were part of the tip as well. Another guy always brought a friend and 2 hot girls. he had food catered in for the trip. Huge platters of shrimp and gourmet sandwiches, etc. those were great times - I wish I could turn back the clock