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Originally Posted by rocksandblues View Post

Lisa is great. Itís funny how her memory was affected. Even after coming here for years, I will mention say ďthe tavernĒ and she will Say: where is that again?
She also had a close call in the shower. Slipped and sort fell, I was rescuing the sunk trailer and she showered w out me. Didnít hit head thank the good lord. Brain injury fun
add grippy strips to the list.

had a load of daughters friends down yesterday and went to shark tooth. Canít post pics from phone some reason but will back at office- but you can tell the economy is good. Must have been 300 boats there.

Have a cat now so wind and chop is non factor
we can always find a lee from the wind in our creek somewhere to ski or tube.

Oh and I legit broke my toe. Was digging around in garage for bottom rigs and a pipe rolled off shelf and hit my second and third toe. Black and blue and now Iím walking w a limp. Will spare you the pics on that

i am embarrassing way behind on fishing. Hope everyone else is doing well!!
Good to hear she is doing good. I was wondering how her recovery was going. She is real lucky. Out of all the things to forget, the Tavern is well worth forgetting! My Dad had a brain tumor when I was younger and he suffered from the same memory lapses. Its weird how your mind stores information. I also haven't gotten much fishing done. Went out the last couple days but not finding them in the Yeo like I normally do. Probably because I haven't been out enough. Went to the Coan yesterday but should have ran up your way to a few spots that normally hold them. I was just too lazy to make the run.

I will be moving across route 3 from you in June. Trying to get my home here fixed up to put on the market which is going too slow. An uptick in the market sure would be helpful though! Once I get up there we should grab a beer when you have time. We find ourselves at the Red Dragon a lot.