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Default So how is your weekend going.... mine, not so much

Boat lifts works- nice. Bad breaker in the salty air

head to river this morning ahead of the fam
get to boat. Neighbor has run and ext cord for me so battery charger could do its thing last week. Awesome

hook up to boat. 4 wheel low down my aunts sand ramp

crap tide is falling. Big heavy 26 cat. Stuck
not quite enough to float rear. Engines start first touch of key. Power off- nope

cousin comes out to help. Tries rocking truck. Nada. Rear tires are on the axle. Tide falling. Boat is stuck on trailer. Truck is stuck on ramp. Put a board down under water and managed to get trailer off ball. Truck is stuck

another cousin helps me out w a Touareg F250 feels shame.

So so truck is free. Trailer under water and boat stuck on trailer. Tide is falling. This was at 12pm. Next high 9 pm!!!

fiance and girls on way down- Nope. Missed a bunch of texts she dropped a full bottle of beer on top of foot. Headed to walk in clinic.

Another daughter coming from another direction calls. Car acting weird. Easy diagnose. Clutch is slipping in 5th gear.

Nailing loose boards on dock. Now sitting in shade watching the other boaters salving my wounds with a couple beers.

Still thankful looking at the water on a beautiful day. Guess I will be able to get boat off at high tide and then pull trailer out w tow strap or something

boating tomo?! Fingers crossed