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Default Parker 2300 vs Dusky 252

I am about to place an order on one of these boats. I am looking for a solid, no frills boat to be used mainly for nearshore and light offshore fishing. On paper they seem VERY similar. Fully rigged the Dusky is a little cheaper, but not enough to really affect my decision.

Between these 2 boats, which would you choose? I am mostly interested in solid construction that is going to last me a long time, and reasonable offshore capability for a boat in this size class. Boat will be used by a family of 4, but don't need any fancy amenities - just a boat that will get us safely out on the water and hold up well over the years. I am located in FL, so access to Dusky is close enough. The Parker dealer is closer.

Length - 23ft plus bracket (around 25ft total)
Beam - 8' 6"
Weight - 3630
Deadrise - 21 degrees
Draft - 15 inches
Power - 300hp Yamaha
Cruise - 34 mph, 4000 rpm, 2.92 mpg
Max speed - 52mph

Length - 25ft including bracket (hull is around 23ft)
Beam - 8' 6"
Weight - 3700
Deadrise - 20 degrees
Draft - 13 inches
Power - 300hp Suzuki
Cruise - 30 mph, 4000 rpm, 3.05 mpg
Max speed - 51 mph