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A little confusion related to the above. I had my 5th wheel behind my truck with my boat behind the camper. When I got to the campground I unhooked the boat to back it into a parking spot because you surely can't back it hooked up. As one trailer wheel hit the drop from blacktop to gravel it swung the trailer hard knocking me down and let the trailer head back toward my wife, who was standing next to a pick up truck. She got out of the way and the rear corner of my boat hit the truck. I found the owner and we chatted. Next came the fun. I called the insurance company. The trailer wasn't connected to the camper or truck so I was told the boat insurance would cover it. I called that company and the real confusion started. The adjuster said the damage caused by the trailer wasn't covered. I told him that the boat hit the truck, not the trailer. He said he believed that coverage was only for damage caused while the boat was in the water. He was trying his best to find some detail that might give him some info on how to proceed. Then he said, "Hey, are you the (my name here) that used to work at ***********?" Once he figured out that we used to work together he said not to worry, he would take care of it.