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Originally Posted by km1125 View Post
I think I'm with the trucker on this one, especially if you watch the in-cab camera angle.

Sure looked like for some reason he was after the red car and trying to stop him. Once they were stopped I wouldn't have expected the cop to dart back out into traffic.

I'd also want to know what was going on down the road to cause the cop to think he need to do the "slow-down maneuver in which the vehicle, with emergency lights and siren on, zigzags across all lanes of traffic in order to slow people down. "
Umm gee I dont know maybe a major pileup. Or who knows maybe some kid got on the highway and theyre trying to stop traffic so he doesnt get killed. How stupid does someone have to be to not understand the officer wants you to stay behind him? Also why does it matter why? If a cop has his lights on you yield. Period. You dont need to know why. God I swear the American public has just gotten stupid.