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I drive a significant amount for work and get mileage to cover gas (>35k miles/year), so I buy a lot of gas and it makes a program like this a no brainer.

After about a year I would say my experience is “eh”. I will continue to use it but don’t expect to get rich. The gas stations using it aren’t necessarily “remote” as I never have trouble finding a station relatively close to me, but they are usually dumpier stations looking to add business. If you like the convenience of a really nice, new clean station with a bunch of amenities they’re unlikely to be in the program. No Wawa, race trac, etc.

Also the value back varies often. I’m sure it’s being driven by some algorithm but I can’t decipher the what/why. Occasionally a Mobil by my house will be 0.08 to 0.11 back and the next day it and all the stations around my house are 0.01.

I have yet to hit $75 this year and I buy a ton of gas. Figure I’ll be around $200 by year end and although that’s not a huge sum, it’s 200 bucks more than I would have had if I didn’t use it. So I’ll keep using it.

One other thing...I haven’t necessarily been looking for it but the participating stations around me don’t have ethanol free. The program also determines different cash back levels for different grades of fuel. If you find a participating station that has ethanol free that would be great, but the cash back might be different for that fuel or might not be offered at all, just on their regular grade gas.

If you do find ethanol free in the program I’m sure inquiring minds here would like to know...