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Default Freezer alarm saved me today

After reading the tht bait freezer stories I bought a freezer alarm for my garage bait freezer. I was in bed pretty early last night, but as I got some water in the kitchen I thought I heard a beeping. I was tired and dismissed it. As I approached the garage to go to work today I hear the beeping. I thought wtf is that, oh sheet itís the freezer. The alarm was set at 45 degrees, not 35 like I thought. So itís been dead for a few days. Lucky for me today is garbage day. I put on 3 pair of latex gloves, tossed all the bait and went to work.

Few take aways. My place is 3 stories or I think I would have heard it before I went to bed (or paid attention to it lol). Be sure to double check the temp setting. I think 45 was the default. I got the $11 alarm on amazon. Thanks tht for scaring me into buying one!