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Originally Posted by muskrattown View Post
That would be my guess. If you were not solo pulling upward with a gaff or line while someone operated the switch may have worked.
we tried retracting them on the trailer with someone pushing up on it while using switch. Nothing- rock solid

Originally Posted by Rags View Post
do you have a joy stick for controlling their position?
I'd guess the trouble is a bad contact in the control.
Shoot in some WD40 and work the stick to see if it clears. If not then check ground wiring as above post suggest.
no joystick- just 2 rocket switches on my dash panel.....

Originally Posted by bills106 View Post
If they are the common black Bennett actuators, they retract by an internal spring when a solenoid opens in the pump unit. If they wont retract it's one of three things; bad switch, bad wiring or bad solenoid.

If you cant readily find the problem you can crack each fluid line loose at the pump for just a moment. It will squirt out a small amount of fluid into the bilge (wrap with a rag) but they should retract quickly.
thank you. I would say they are as starndard as can be. Factory installed on a 2005 Pursuit

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