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Default King newbie questions follow up - got 1!

I asked some basic King questions a few weeks ago and was very grateful for the responses.
Got out for the first time past weekend, and even though I wasn't targeting Kings I got my first!
I was super lucky as I didn't have a wire leader, was just using a single smallish hook which ended up hooking the fish right in front of its dorsal fin!
Fish ran like crazy, my bud gaffed it. I don't kill anything I dont eat/use as bait, so I was super disappointed to see the meat look a really horrible, unappetizing gray color, like a walking dead zombie fish!
So, a couple of follow up questions if i may;
1) Is that the normal color?
2) If i dont have a smoker is there a way to cook/prepare? We iced it down right away and removed the bllodline etc
3) Is there a way to catch and release Kings that arent really small?

Cant post pics in this forum for some reason or I would show fish.


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