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Originally Posted by 20biminitwist View Post
Lucky man!

What boat is that. I have fished a old TollyCraft conv. That had a lower helm that was removed and the windows glassed over. I have a large bench seat in the Tower of the Rampage and there is always someone wnating to be up there with me as well. I't's a Marlin Tower and not that high and is cooler, quieter and not that much rougher up there unless it's real rough.

The visibility advantage of not having to look through glass is night and day.
Its Jarrett Bay Hull number 4, a 36' convertible. I don't know which owner pulled out the lower station, I think it would have been cool but prob had to do with adding space. The windows will eventually be removed and glassed in, less maint and less likely taking a wave through at Oregon Inlet.