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After graduating form outboard CCs and WAs, my first inboard diesel boat was a 29 Phoenix FB. It took some while to get used too but then I loved it... Kept it for 5-6 years and then moved into a 28 Henriques express. After just a few trips I couldn't believe how much I missed a FB style boat…...Moved back to my current BF 29 FB...… Not all FB boats are created equal. The 29-33 BF and 31 Bert, for example, are more like split level boats. The FB is only a few steps away. I can take a tape measure and prove that the captain on my boat is closer to the action than the captain on an express boat. I can easily hop right down, or up, in a second. I'm not far from the action. The captain regular nets or gaffs the fish. I run 3-4 rods off the bridge rod holders and those are usually the most productive! You can dial in your spread much much better. You an see a single weed on a line, you can see bait, fish, debris, pretty much everything better. Its quieter up there as well, I can carry on a conversation without yelling. All while still behind the glass if you want to, unlike a tower. My cockpit isn't any smaller than a typical express boat, its actually bigger. My cabin and amenities in it are over 100% bigger! The interior of a small express is like being in a basement. The FB has full size windows that bring in lots of light and makes it look even roomier. I regular take my boat out alone, or just with my shepherd lol. I have zero problems tying up. I get fuel alone, fish alone even troll alone. An autopilot helps when you double up on the troll! Personally I see zero advantage to the express style boat in the 30 foot range. I can tell you this for sure, unless they are catching a nap, everyone wants to come up on the bridge. I'm never alone...... I can point out many disadvantages that I personally encountered. Now on 40-50 foot boats I can see different challenges. Once you get that big, pretty much everything changes.