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jay brooks
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Maybe I'm lucky but most people on my boat gravitate to the helm with me. I have never gone out without someone up top with me, but the morning is peaceful, a mug of coffee and the anticipation of the day combined with the sun rising is my perfect place. During the day someone will come up and watch baits with me and we chill. I get the enjoyment of putting people on fish, I love to catch fish but right now I take more satisfaction on the boat catching fish, not me catching fish. If the crew isn't as experienced I have my wife drive or I can put a watch up top while on AP. Funny thing is now with bigger fish she would rather drive and loves being the captain.

I also agree with the previous post stating it depends on your run, in Virginia my run is 65 miles and 40 while in NC. I have had many friends have an awesome time on the my previous boat, a 30' Contender, but by the time they got back in were wiped out. Now everyone is eager to help clean after the ride in, have a much bigger list of people who want to fish etc. I love my convertible and I think its worth mentioning the boat at one time had a salon station that was removed. It all comes down to preference, I can absolutely see the appeal of an express, esp when tuna fishing in the cold winter months, but I love marlin fishing and the convertible was the right choice for me.

Meghan driving during the end game on a big eye.

The fish with Meghan and the pup.

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