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Originally Posted by Yellowfin85 View Post
Which seems to be right in the optimum cruise range correct?
Not for me. 35 Everglades LX. I thoroughly detailed this in a thread several years ago.

Had rotors changed as part of engine service before a Bahamas trip. Then ran the boat approximately 1600 miles, 85 total hours, to and from and all around the Abacos. Paid no attention whatsoever to RPMs inside and outside of the “range”. Ran the boat as fast, efficiently and comfortably as conditions and loads would permit. At the end of the trip I had around 17 hours inside of range. I then converted that to normal Gulfstream fishing trips in our area (St. Augustine. 50 + miles each way) and it came out to about 300 total running hours. Just like Yamaha says. So you get your rotors changed at Yamaha’s expense while you are having your engines serviced during every third (or second, if you want. That’s what I do) regular 100 hour service cycle.

No extra service or expense whatsoever for the owner. And we’ve examined the rotors when removed and have never seen anything unusual. No sweat. No big deal.

But, as usual, it’s more interesting for people to remember and repeat complaints that are often unsubstantiated. Than it is to remember and repeat boring, unsensational facts.
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