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Originally Posted by Tdavis7 View Post
This is my harpoon Line set up.

1200’ of 3/16 poly rope , I just got into Swordfishing haven’t got a chance to use it but hopefully it works . It’s set up if the fish takes the whole basket full of line just clip the ball onto loop coming out the bottom of the basket and throw the ball and basket in , I added a glow stick to the ball and clip to the end of the ball rope .

First, great points by Gerg IMHO (We have experienced the 2 dart scenario)

Re: Swordfish
We have at least 1000ft of paracord (no heavy rope anywhere).
Just a suggestion:
Have your ball already connected. When all hell is breaking loose you don't want to be holding, let alone, messing with the rope or clip. Also, just as FYI, we had a strobe light on the ball. Much easier to see at night. Further, and I realize I may sound like grandpa, but be very diligent to know where people are, their feet and darts/ropes. Have an orchestrated plan.

On an aside from previous mention. To quote many, bad things happen with swords and cleats.

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