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Originally Posted by kicker30 View Post

Never met him before but pretty sure from what Ive pieced together from other threads (especially Capt Bucks Ugly Boat one) hes one of those unicorns that if every transplant tried to emulate, there would be no reason for people to mind new folks moving in from off. A dingbatter that has successfully run a restaurant on HI and been accepted by the community to the point that its been the place all the local boat builders eat lunch and hang out at for years now.
Well, he does a pretty good job mimicking a country boy accent, one yankee "yous guys" would have had him escorted off island in a skinny minute! He also greets all the locals by name and constantly makes the rounds checking on everyone. On occasion he even goes in the kitchen and cooks himself! (Those skrimps were great Friday by the way, thanks!)