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Originally Posted by cajflynn View Post
The OP is buying a new truck. I don't see the relevance of discussing truck problems of the older trucks. All trucks have issue and all the new ones work great (unless they're chevys.). I'm sure the OP will have a nice truck wether it is gas or diesel. As for being an outlier, I probably put more miles on a Ford, Ram, and Chevy every year than most people on here so I think I have a unique view of all of the trucks. I choose Rams because of the Mega Cabs and because they require less service and last longer. Yes, Mr Cracker, those are facts too.

As for gas being strong enough, I towed a 31 BW conquest from Florida to San Diego three times last year. All three times I used a F250 gas truck. No matter how much tongue weight I had, the load was squirrelly over 60 mph and terrifying going down steep hills. I'd guess that load weighed around 12k lbs. Fuel mileage was the same as the diesel truck (8mpg) but gas was cheaper and I didn't have to buy DEF fluid so there's that. If I was towing a 31' Conquest as my own, I'd want a 3/4 diesel. Anything less than a 31' Conquest would probably be fine with a gasser.
I said you are an outlier because you actually use these trucks for what they were made for. It's the guys that buy a diesel and only tow their boat/camper a couple times a year that run into trouble. No debate that a diesel is a better choice when it comes to big loads. I would hope to hell they have improved them since I've been out of the dealership. I had a particular 2010 3/4 ton cummins that kicked my ass. It also kicked the Cummins master engineers ass too. Would endlessly throw excessive soot codes. I think the owner just gave up and lived with the CEL. At one point the Cummins engineer hinted at telling the guy to delete it all LOL. Customer said he was going to do that once the warranty was up anyways.
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