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Originally Posted by hjorgan View Post
Hail-sized golf balls!
I was working a hail storm in Omaha a couple of years ago when I got a claim in an area that wasn't hit by the storm that passed through. When I got there, there was a roofing contractor with two salesmen. I mentioned that I hadn't seen any claims in that area in the 2 months that I had been there and asked about damage. They stated that another company had just paid to replace the roof on the house next door. I asked about damage, and they told me that most of the damage was to the rear of the house.

We worked our way around and there was no damage to gutters or downspouts on the front or right side of the house. When we got to the back, it was a different story. There were big dings in the gutters. I told the contractor that I didn't think the dings/dents were from a hail storm. He politely told me that he thought I was crazy. We went up on the back deck and he pointed out several dents on the aluminum frame around the patio door. I pulled out my flashlight and shined the metal - and you could see dimples from golf balls. The guy just started laughing and told me that he'd never seen anything like that. The people lived on a golf course, and all of the damage was from golf balls hitting their house since they were downrange from a tee.

We laughed and I said what you did - they had damage from golf balls the size of hail.