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Originally Posted by The rising sun View Post
I know this is an old thread but just thought I would add in my issue and solution . My line counter stopped working after I got snagged on the bottom and popped off and lost the majority of my line. It would not read any line going in or out. After reading all of these issues I thought it would be something wrong with my reel . I called the Daiwa repair shop in Miami and they were not very helpful . I live in Fort Lauderdale And considered bringing it down there If they could give me a ballpark price of things it could be, I told them I see that it was a common problem and would expect them to know or give me an idea how much it would be but they would not give me any price whatsoever .They just said bring it in or send it in . I told them I had a limit that I would like to spend on it . I would’ve hoped they would’ve told me well it could’ve been one of a few different things and this is the options, or maybe walk me through the settings ? Anyhow completely turned off with Diawa at that point I was ready to just sell the reel as is working with no line counter and buy a banax or a beast master Cleaning up the reel getting it ready to sell I plugged it in and started messing with the buttons. I held down the inverse counter and the reset button for about six seconds , I then went through the settings and actually got my counter going again .I can’t remember the exact steps but now it’s working 100% . My advice is if your line counter stops working play with the settings for a bit before sending it in for repair . I actually wonder how many of these issues here had the same problem .When mine finally is done I will be going with a different brand that has more support and is more friendly.
Good to know thanks I will be going with a Banax for my next electric reel I have heard a lot of good things about them