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Default Freeman Boats purchase makes financial sense

Buying a Freeman Catamaran makes financial sense if you have the capital to purchase this boat and here is why.

1. Resale value of the Freeman is remarkable and lately EXCEEDS the initial purchase price the original owner paid. Based on the very great demand and the low supply AND the waiting list and wait time of 2 to 3 years, this trend is what the market yields and it is not going away tomorrow. In other words, you buy a Freeman today, and you will likely make a profit when you resell. How many other boat brands can you buy today, and make a decent PROFIT when you sell in a year or two?

2. Its main competitor boat at this time, Invincible boats do not share the same high demand at this time, and have readily available supply on dealer lots NOW, and therefore by market conditions cannot have a used resale price higher than the initial purchase price. Whereas, you buy an Invincible, not only are your initial costs probably higher, but like most boats and cars, it starts depreciating the day you drive it off the lot. And when you do resell, it will likely be for tens of thousands LESS than your initial purchase price. A new 2019 Invincible 40 is for sale on a lot in Texas for $709,985 which is much higher than the list price for the larger Freeman 42LR fully loaded. Comparatively a nicely equipped, Freeman 37VH is going for mid $500K.

Freeman demand is not waning. There was a reported 19 new orders at a recent Boat Show! Whereas, Invincible Cat has failed to garner the great demand comparatively. Why?

3. When purchasing an extreme high dollar luxury item, the buyer wants that item to look like a million bucks. Freeman boats look much more like a top end monohull compared to the "old Seacat" appearance of the Invincible 37 and 40. Therefore most people prefer the looks of the Freeman over the Invincible based on several comments on this Hulltruth Forum and several others. One problem of past catamarans which performed well, was that their ugly appearance made boaters hesitant to embrace them. It is difficult to sell a $650,000 boat or $710,000 boat, for the Invincible 40, if its appearance is not appealing to that particular buyer. That may be the reason why there are a percentage of new Invincible Cats that have been built and are still sitting at boat dealers. Freeman boats, on the other hand, have been sold way in advance (2 to 3 years) of going into the mold.

4. Freeman boats are a proven platform that has an established history of several years of rave performances in moderate seas. They are fast; they ride superiorly compared to similar length and greater length monohulls; they have great fishability and roominess in the cockpit, and unbelievable storage, and the hulls hold up well. Invincible Cats do not have the years of history of great performance and withstanding the conditions that Freeman boats have which puts an unknown in a high dollar purchase. Discriminating buyers when buying such a high dollar item, would much rather go with a known great performing asset as opposed to one that has less of a track record especially if that lesser known boat starts at a higher initial cost and likely depreciating resale recovery price.

In summary, purely from a financial standpoint, buying a Freeman makes much greater financial sense in comparison to an Invincible Cat or its other competitors.