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Originally Posted by Captain Flippy View Post
Any updates in types of guns allowed?
You are better off NOT bringing any guns to Bimini. You don't need them and it is a pain in the ass. If you are on any kind of Center Console or not staying on your boat with secured storage you must also check them with the Police Department. You are allowed 3 guns with up to 250 rounds. If you bring guns they can never leave the boat. Customs WILL come for an inspection and a hard count of all ammunition. They will also asses at that point your ability to secure the weapons. This is a point that they don't F' around with. They will count down to the rounds in your clip. If you are proceeding deeper into the Bahamas then you can of course get the guns back and continue your travels. We have been traveling to the Bahamas for years - we DO carry when we are going deeper into the out islands - but not Bimini, there is just no reason. Their rationale for this is that they don't want them to escape into their population and anyone that has one onshore is in for a world of problems.
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