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Originally Posted by Riptied View Post
Russ, I applaud your enthusiasm but automotive paints are not cheap, not quality matetials anyways.

I would find an experienced bodyman/painter that is willing to spend some time teaching you before attempting what your going to do.

What’s the FMV of the subject vehicle?
I don't know the value, it's more important to me the cost to replace the vehicle. I checked out a new one at a GMC dealer and it was over $70K!!! It's a 2003 Yukon XL Denali AWD, 6.0L, 2nd row buckets, TV/DVD loaded with everything. The interior is

almost perfect but paint is peeling off on the roof and hood. It has about 135K miles. It's in right now having the entire brake system replaced including stainless brake lines, rotors, calipers, etc probably going to be around $2K of repairs.

The comments about learning how to paint is pretty discouraging but I'm not surprised. I know there is a lot of stuff to know and I'm sure there is even more than I think there is.
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